Rockland Cemetery Association

The Rockland Cemetery Association operates and maintains Achorn Cemetery off Old County Road in Rockland, Maine, the Seaview Cemetery off Warrenton Street in Rockport, Maine and Robbins Cemetery off West Meadow Road in Thomaston, Maine. The Cemetery Association is not part of the law firm, but has its offices and support staff located in the law firm office building at 10 School Street in Rockland.

For more information or questions regarding purchasing a lot, please contact Cemetery Superintendent Henry Hustus at 207-691-5048 or the office at 207-594-4421.

Important Information regarding Seaview Cemetery on Warrenton Avenue

The Cemetery Association is in the process of reclaiming land along the back of the Cemetery that has been neglected and become overgrown. We are recovering several old grave sites that are in the overgrown area. The site looks messy at present, but we take great care not to disturb grave sites and monuments. We are confident that by next spring after we have graded and reseeded the area and re-set old fallen headstones that this area is be a pleasant respectful memorial area. Thank you for your concern and patience.